we are a fun pair of creative people that like to make happy little places on the web, shiny flyers to hold in your hand and big posters on walls that you can touch... if you want.

About us

Why Jampot? Why not Marmalade or something?
Well, you may have noticed that the work on display was created by two people - James and Stuart. Stemming from inescapable nicknames we took the Jam from "Jim Jam" and the Pot from "Stupot" hence Jampot...plus marmalade was taken.


Raised by wolves in the wastelands of North London James often lets his hair and design skills run wild. If you're working on a project with us, James will be the one creating the stunning visuals. He is no stranger to Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Indesign.


As a loyal nandos customer Stuart has been known to trample over other humans in the search for food. It is also said that he ate so much that he could no longer breathe, despite this Stuart has an unwavering love for jujitsu and web design. Your site will most likely be built by him.